The Trouble With Robots

by Brahms' Third Racket



The Trouble With Robots is BTR's next full length album.

We are initially releasing the first single Dopamine Slave with more songs to follow.

The Trouble With Robots examines the marriage of technology and biology: the irresistible process that will eventually culminate in the development of an artificial intelligence smarter than humankind. This may very well happen within our lifetimes. Some postulate it will be doomsday for all we know and cherish. Others propose it will be the commencement of a new golden era of enlightenment and creativity leading us to a profound connection with the infinite. Selfishly, we prefer the latter scenario over the former.

Curiously, and typically for us humans, we seem to be mostly oblivious to the possible endpoints of this evolution despite its rapid increase in speed and scope. Glued to our mobile devices, our new gateway drugs, we seem to be blissfully unaware as the nurses of science silently slip the needle into our veins.

Mankind and machine-kind are destined to merge. There isn't really any turning back.

As such, we figured we might as well provide the soundtrack.


released February 11, 2017



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Brahms' Third Racket California

Brahms' Third Racket is a unique cinematic rock band from Southern California.


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Track Name: Dopamine Slave
Bound by these chemical chains
I am a dopamine slave
One foot in hot water
And the other one in the grave

Must be the new abnormal
Too true to be good
"But, I can handle the truth,"
Said giant John to robbing the hood

Oh, something isn’t right
Something isn’t right
I feel it in my heart
Something isn’t right

Oh, something isn’t right
Something isn’t right
I feel it in my bones
Something isn’t right

Trapped in this alien brain
I am a dopamine slave
One eye on the lifeboat
And the other on a tidal wave

I am a dopamine slave
I am a dopamine slave